What does it mean when it says "close all tabs" on internet explorer? What are tabs? Thanks.?

Under the address bar, you will see what looks like file folders (IEAnswers.com under the address bar is in the first one) If you click the square to the right of that, you open another window. This way you can be on 2 websites (or more) without opening explorer again.

If you have more than 1 site open, you can click them closed on the tab I was talking about. If you want to close everything and shut down the program, click the X in the upper right corner and you will get the message you got.
Oh, I know, that bugs the hell out of me. Also, when I open a new window in IE7, it goes behind all the others, and I have to call it up twice!
Tab are new feature in IE7, u can open several tabs in place of several windows, which makes browsing easier

And closing all tabs means it will close all the open tabs and sites
Tabs are the viewing windows you have open.
In IE7 tabs have been introduced. It saves you from opening 2 internet explorers, you can just use one with as many tabs as you want saving screen space and probably memory.
With IE7 they introduced a new feature called "tabs". These tabs allow you to have more then one web page open without having more then one browser open. If you look just below the address bar on your browser you will see these tabs. You have the option of just closing one or closing them all at once.
it means you are about to close all the windows that you have open..all at the same time.
A user interface element that looks like the top of a file folder. You click the tab to select the folder. You can create tabs in Visual FoxPro using the page control tool in the Form Designer.
all open tabs are what you have on the bottom of the screen next to the start button on the right. right click them and hit close to close all of them ...
it means that if you want to close this file or not
tabs r the multiple windows open in IE7! usualy u can open new windows by clikin a link with yr scroll wheel. it then opens in a new tab-which is like a window within a window. they are usualy located at the top starting from the left, below the add below.
the confirmations comes up to make sure u want to close all the windows/tabs.
It means that you have several pages you have opened and instead of popping up a new screen for each site you visited, it just created a tab in the same window. If you look towards the top of your window, you will likely see tabs named for each site you visited. I think this may be something new with Internet Explorer 7. I am assuming you are trying to close your browser window.
you have the 7.0 and that has tabs so you can have multiple websites on 1 window that are known as tabs at the top of your screen you can switch easly from tab to tab or site to site, and it is just reminding you that you have more than 1 site running on that 1 window so you wont accidently exit the wrong or possibly all the sites at once, so it is just a friendly reminder
Hi This is a new feature in IE& instead of opening up IE again so you can have two webpages displayed at once you can now have tabs at the top of the page (Just below the toolbar) you can then toggle between webpages you have opened. When they say do you want to close all tabs they are making sure you want to close everything your looking at and not just the page that is currently displayed. Hope this helps you?
You can mess around with the settings/options tab in the top right hand corner to change the way pages are displayed
The new version of Internet Explorer allows you to have different web pages open on different tabs. Think of the tabs like file folders. If you are at a web page and you want to keep it open and go to another site you can open another Tab for the new web page and then switch back and forth by clicking on the appropriate index (folder) tabs at the the top of the web page below the tool bars. Each tab can be closed individually when you are done with it by clicking the X on the tab. If you want to close all the tabs then you click on the X at the top right of internet explorer window and it warns you that you will be closing all tabs.
It means that you have more than 1 tab open in IE7 when you go to close it. All it is asking is whether you want to close out the entire app including all tabs.
Hi, the tabs on Internet Explorer (and Firefox) allow you to have several websites open without the need for many windows.

If you open up your browser and just view one website, that is one window and one tab. If you click on a link usually the window you are looking at will change as a result of the click. With tabs, click and press the CTRL button, or choose the option 'open in a new tab' - this will keep the page you are looking at on your screen PLUS open a new tab to show the result of your click.

You can see the new tab along the top of your browser - they look like the tabs on old paper files. You can click on the tabs and switch between different sites.

'Close all tabs' simply means you have tried to close the entire window and you will therefore close all of the tabs, not just the one you are looking at. You have a choice to close just one tab at a time by clicking the small 'X' on each tab.

I hope that helps.
if you see to the right of your favorites button... there are multiple tabs that says what page your looking at. you can click on each ones X to close the one by one, or cloing all tabs will close down internet explorer
tabs as Child windows opened in the same Parent Window..

It a feature in IE 7 and Mozilla browser.. it help in a way.. by avoiding to open may windows.. for different websites..

So the Close all tabs will close all the tabs that are open in a browser window

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