My internet explorer is acting up, and kicks me off all the time... how can I fix this?

I'm lucky that it hasn't kicked me off before I could post this... please help... It just says that IEXPLORE.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close, I'm lucky if I can stay on for more than 2 minutes... thanx
Make sure you have done ALL Microsoft updates, INCLUDING IE7. Then open your "Internet Options" from your comtrol panel (not from within IE7). Click the advanced tab, then the reset button.

You "should" be fine after this.

P.S. Yes, you may have malware - run ccleaner and superantispyware to be sure...but reset IE first.
Try running AWC personal Free Edition software
These are functions it claims to offer

- Removing Spyware and Adware
- Preventing Security Threats
- Privacy Protection
- Fixing Registry Errors
- Temporary Files Cleanup
- Startup Cleanup
- Repairing Windows
- Speeding up System

It does all that in a single click.Good software for daily routine cleaning before closing down the pc, or at the end of browsing session
Have you followed through on securing your PC and ridding it of any mal/spyware etc. and IE or Firefox still doesn't work?
Perhaps you should try out MAXTHON as an IE alternative. (works for me better than Mozilla)
If you get tired of it, try out Mozilla!! The only drawback is maybe that some programs on certain sites may not work with it!
you need to check if your internet connected is fully working, are your phone lines in propery, is your phone line working, if so and its still acting up ring up the manufacter that you are using the internet from, may be they can help with the problem, if its wireless, check your wireless connection waves are working and find where you can get a stong signal in the house, you'll probably have to move around your laptop to get a good reading in your home
repair internet explorer, or uninstall and reinstall ie from the internet
Your internet explorer could be corrupted or is infected by a spyware.. scan your system using spybot search & destroy. If you don't have that then download it in the internet using your Windows Explorer. Note that Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer are basically not the same but you can use the latter to browse the net... Better, try installing a new copy of Internet Explore. Just download a copy from Microsoft's page

I also recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer coz it offers more security and convenience in browsing.

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