What is the blue bar at the very top of my internet explorer window called?

Just download and installed Internet Explorer 7 and now that bar at the top of the window has a bunch of little squires in it instead of the name of the place that I am visiting. I am try to find a fix for the problem but saying the thingie at the top of the window doesn't seem to find any hits, LOL. Anyway if you know what it is called or you know how to fix the problem please let me know.
United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team:
"There are a number of significant vulnerabilities in technologies related to the IE domain/zone...It is possible to reduce exposure to these vulnerabilities by using a different web browser"
Must be some toolbar that you downloaded.
Try closing it if it is annoying.
well this is the magical world of IE7 ( lol )

the back & next is on the left hand top the two arrows.
the refresh & stop button are on the right side of the address bar on top. To enable the menubar you'll have to right click on the blank space of tool bar & go to view option & check it.
Click on the link below it'll help you with the screenshots :

it's call'ed the title bar.
The title bar

it seems most likely to be caused by some third party software such as antivirus or pop up blocker
Title bar.

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