Why does my internet explorer keep shutting down saying a problem has occured?HELP.?

and it restarts on its own.the comp works fine till i open a few pages.then the same proplem...HELP.
Lose Explorer Get Fire Fox http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/...
Get Foxfire
You might need to update your windows, there might be digital driver file that you need an updated version for to run explorer correctly. Also you could have spyware that is colliding with your IE making it close. You can go to the microsoft site and check your windows there, I would get spybot search and destroy and run it, also spyware blaster and spyware guard. Also download crap cleaner and run it, there are 2 parts one removes clutter, and the other fixes problems in applications.

If you need more help email me.
Means there is a glich in your system. Maybe a virus. Mine was on the blink to. Found out it was infected.
If your Windows OS is legal go here to this site and see if this is the problem your having. If it is then go down to the box that says Download Guided Help. After it downloads a window will appear that has a link Do It Automatically. Click on it and let it check you computer. If it says it cannot find the pdm.dll file approve it to continue. When box comes up listing three programs OFFICE 2000 is the first one listed, select SCRIPT DEBUGGING and OK. Let it take you through downloading a new Script Debugging Program. This should solve your problem.

try downloading a new version or foxfire it might be that u have bad files that can't load or could be a virus do a virus scan if nothing comes up download a new internet explorer
Maybe you need to update you Internet Explorer
go to = http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/defa...
i use to have the same problem so i installed the Internet Explorer again and my problem was solved.
Usually the problem is associated with security or script being able to launch. This is normal and just restart Internet Explorer. A lot of Microsoft products are a little buggy at times. Don't worry.
IE Sucks. Download Firefox which is another browser. I have done it as my IE was showing a no page display. Contact me if you need help.
Maybe you need to update you Internet Explorer
go to = http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/defa...

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