Why won't my internet explorer allow me to open certain web-sites??

I've just bought a new lap-top and now have wireless broadband however with all this equipment my explorer won't allow me access to some web-sites (national-lottery.co.uk, myspace, teletextholidays.co.uk)

Does anyone know what's going on?? Why is my lap-top trying to wind me up??

Do i need to download anything?? I've increased my content advisor to the max but still no joy?!?!

Please help
Which browser are you using? What do you see when you type in the website name on the addressbar of the browser? Is you are using IE try meddling with the options in Tools-Internet Options and change settings to allow all websites. Some countries also have restrictions against certain websites like the UAE for example.
What is the eror message when you are blocked?

Is it permissionor access or password or is it connections?

If so there maybe something about your security settings that need changing such as content or javascript

Go to Tools -Internet options- and then settings and take a look at what is ticked or not and change the seetings.
I have IE7 and Firefox and it only works 50% of the time Firefox does so it's probably that Explorer cant find the command to run the internet which is common with wireless internet (especially Hughes Net, it always says "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" when i'm on).
Check the Internet Option of your laptop it should be medium or you might installed antivirus or firewall, those might block internet acess.
Try optimizing Internet Exlorer Browser
a. Check first the version
Click Help
Click About Internet Explorer

If you are using IE7 or version 7
a. Close IE
b. Click on Start
c. Click on Control Panel
d. Open Network and Internet Connections
e. Open Internet Options
NOTE: If Network and Internet Connections is separated just try to look for Internet Options
f. At Internet Options
Click on Advanced on the upper right
Click on Reset at the bottom portion
Click on Close
Click on Apply and OK

If you are using version 6
Click on Tools on the upper verions
Click on Internet Options
Under General Tab Delete Files, Delete Cookies
Then Go to Security Tab, Click on Default Level
Then Go to Privacy, Click on Default
Then Go to Programs Tab, Click on Reset Web Settings
Then Go to Advanced Click on Restore Defaults
Click on Apply and OK

Try downloading the Standalone Flash Player

or it could be a secured Website issue
Kindly follow the steps below
if you have alrady lowered the sttings on ie.. most likely its your norton...try to disable it and check whether you'll be able to open them...

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